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Everything is included with our virtual funeral service!
You decide on the services you prefer to use.


You decide if the online video streaming is available to the public if kept private with a password. We record the ceremony at the funeral home or cemetery. We provide the option to live-stream the service on the obituary page or our website if needed. At times, streaming is not an option depending on internet speed or availability. The High-quality recording is uploaded and made available to share within 24 hours.

Funeral Home Coverage

We capture the candid moment with a zoom lens unobtrusively. The optional television is on in the room so you can view your guests to converse with them from the comfort of your chairs. You are given a moment of privacy before the virtual visitation begins.?

Cemetery Coverage

We capture the candid moment unobtrusively. The service is recorded and added to the obituary page within a few hours of the conclusion of the service. ?The full-length final edit will include media provided by you and your guest, Funeral home coverage, ceremony coverage, and the highlight video.

Highlight Edit

We create a short recap edit for you to share.

Personal Message Video

Invite guests, who are unable to attend, to record a short personal message addressed to the immediate?family members. These guests simply record themselves?with their?phone and then upload the video with a private upload?link which we provide. They can also upload photos using the same link. We will edit the videos uploaded to us and either play the video one time or loop the video on television at the funeral home. This video can also be viewed by the audience?watching the video stream.

Stream In Your Guest

Invite up to 100 guests to join the wake or ceremony via streaming on a large television displayed in the room with sound. These guests would be able to converse who those physically present. This stream will be available for the viewers watching the Live-Stream.