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We have been professionally filming funeral services unobtrusively since 1996 with a multi-camera live edit using high-quality cameras and clear audio for family or friends unable to attend the funeral service. We help get the live stream viewable on the obituary page plus the option to view the funeral after the service on the same webpage. We also offer Blu-ray or DVDs of the funeral service if desired.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

Stream In Your Guest

Invite up to 100 guests to join the wake or ceremony via streaming on a large television displayed in the room with sound. These guests would be able to converse who those physically present. This stream will be available for the viewers watching the Live-Stream.


“You were so kind to video my father’s funeral. As I recall, at the time, I forgot that you were there. Everything was unobtrusive and respectful. Your kindness allowed my elderly family in Florida to honor my father by watching your video.

All my best,


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“For those struggling with the loss of a loved one and faced with the challenge of planning funeral services during this unpredictable time, I highly recommend Shawn Mills. Under the circumstances, this was the closure so many of my mom’s friends and family needed. 😇🙏❤️💔 Also a very special thank you to the staff at Silva Funeral Home for the beautiful services and for your professionalism and compassion.