We have a solution!

If you are looking to expand the services that CAN be done in this time of restrictions without the stress of learning (yet another) skill or purchasing equipment, here is the solution.


My name is Amy Lynn Silva Rigtrup, a fifth-generation Silva Family Funeral Director and co-owner of Silva Funeral Home in Taunton, MA, and Silva-Faria Funeral Homes in Fall River and Somerset. I saw a need for acknowledgment, connection, and engagement for the families we serve while protecting their safety as well as the safety of our staff. Something that would go far beyond the static ?fly on the wall? streaming options that are available. Something that could be an extension of the dignified, personal, and compassionate services we provide. Something that would virtually bring together families and friends in real-time, with the adaptive ability to allow for people to simply do what they instinctually do when they gather in our facilities – connect, share, support, and comfort each other. Something that would simplify the complicated technology involved without sacrificing the high standard of quality we strive for in everything we do as funeral directors. The truth we all share is that our hearts are breaking each and every time we have to spell out the things that cannot be done for a loved one?s funeral. I?ve been honored to collaborate with Funeral Streaming Services to provide the industry I love with something that CAN be done for the families we serve.?

Reach out and we?ll help you offer this virtual experience without adding any stress.

Tech Talk

Hello, Shawn here to talk about what’s?involved with setting up our virtual?funeral experience. For those that are considering investing in gear to provide the service or for those that are intrigued?about the technology, please have a seat and enjoy some boring chatter from me. 😉

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